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Pressure Washing

With A Purpose

1.    Support Online Bible Teaching @

2.    Help Build A Bible College In The Philippines.


How Often Do You
Pressure Wash
Your Property,


Once A Year
Even Once Every Several Years !


Why Would You Pay For Less Than This?


Not All Pressure Washing  Is The Same.

Our Cleaning Process.



Concert Priced By the Square Foot.

**First Pass,    Detergent Spray.

**Second Pass,  4200 PSI Cold Water Wash/Rinse With Surface Cleaner. 

**Third Pass,   4200 Cold Water Rinse And Spot Check With Hand Held Wand.

**Forth Pass,    200 Degree Hot Water/Steam Wash With Surface Cleaner.

**Fifth Pass,  200 Degree Hot Water/Steam Rinse


(For Spotted And Soiled Areas Second Day Cleaning.

 Must Apply Detergents and Brightener To Dry Concert.)


For Heavy Spotted Areas Repeated Procedures After Appling Degreaser/Rust Remover And Brightener


Walls Of Any Kind Priced By The Linear Foot .

 Multi Pass With Surface Cleaner and/or Pressure Washing Wands And

Extension Wands.


·     Superior Equipment.

1.   Up To 3000 psi Hot Water/Steam Detergent Cleaner. 

2.   Up To 4200 psi Cold Water Detergent Cleaner.

3.    Wide Body Surface Cleaner For Even Deep Cleaning Results.

·     Superior Cleaning Results.

1.   Hot Water Cleaning For Stubborn Stains Such As Mildew, Mold, Oil and Grease.

2.   High Pressure Cleaner For Tuff Jobs Such As Graffiti And Rust From Metal.

3.   Low Pressure Cleaning For Delicate Materials Such As Wood Siding.



·     Superior Work Ethic.

1.    Every Job, Big or Small Is Important To Us.

2.   Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.



Cleaning Possibilities.



(1) Drive Way, Basement  &  Side Walks

(1) Store Front Curb Appeal

(2) Patio, Porch, Pool Area, Clean Out Gutters & Leave Blowing

(2) Side Walks, Curbs and Exterior Walls and Windows

(3) Home Siding,  Fencing , Gates & Brick Walls

(3) Patio & Outdoor Eating Areas

(4) Barbeque Areas & Lawn Furniture

(4) Parking Areas And Drive Through Areas

(5) Cars, Trucks RV’s Boats, Recreational Vehicles 

(5) Company Signs & Advertisement

(6) Tuff Jobs Such As Graffiti, Oil Strains & Mildew

(6) Commercial Cars, Buses, Trucks and Trailers

If It Is Dirty, Ask If We Can Clean It.


Ronald Price 205-937-1002

Serving Areas Surrounding Montevallo, Pelham, Hoover, Homewood and Birmingham Al



We Give You What You Pay For, Clean


Cleaning Pictures and Videos Below


Private Home














After, Notice The Curb and Gutter.




Bank Front Entrance

During Cleaning





Private Home  Pool and Patio 




Private Home



During Clean




Private Home

 Drive Way And Vinyl Siding Home



House Before

House After

Fist Mobiles Home


Ronald Price